Didi Global attributes service disruption to system software failure, not cyberattack


    29th November 2023 – (Beijing) Didi Global, the leading ride-hailing company in China, has clarified that the recent disruption to its app was caused by a system software failure rather than a cyberattack. In a statement posted on its social media account on Wednesday, the company addressed the widespread criticism it faced when users in various cities experienced difficulties booking rides and encountered glitches while using the app.

    According to Didi Global, its services have now been fully restored, and it has committed to conducting a comprehensive investigation into technical risks. The company aims to implement necessary upgrades to enhance service stability and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

    The ride-hailing giant’s China service reported an average of 31.3 million daily transactions in the third quarter, as stated in its latest results. The temporary disruption in service had raised concerns among users and highlighted the importance of maintaining robust and reliable systems to ensure seamless operations.