Details of Anti-epidemic Fund 5.0 to be announced today, existing anti-epidemic measures to be extended for another 14 days, sources


14th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The government is expected to announce the fourth round of the Anti-epidemic Fund 5.0 today. The catering industry and the 15 types of scheduled premises affected are expected to receive fund subsidy measures due to the suspension of business. It is reported that the government will reveal the arrangements for the Anti-epidemic Fund 5.0 today, and it will announce the extension of the existing anti-epidemic measures for another 14 days, that is, business closures and ban on evening dine-in services will continue throughout the Lunar New Year as expected.

The relevant subsidies provided are expected to be less than the previous round. Many industries have complained and demanded the government to provide assistance. There are also voices saying that despite the subsidies, the industry is still impacted.