Designated quarantine hotels receive thousands of calls requesting refund after quarantine period reduced to 3 days


9th August 2022 – (Hong Kong) Starting from 12th August, arrivals in Hong Kong from overseas or Taiwan via the airport only need to be quarantined in a hotel for 3 days. Those who have booked hotel rooms for 7 days will be refunded for the remaining unused days.

Frankie Chung, director of O’ Hotel said during the radio program this morning (9th) that the hotel has received thousands of inquiries involving refunds, but due to the time required for processing, it is expected that customers who paid by credit card will only receive a refund after several weeks later.

Some foreign domestic helpers who came to Hong Kong were arranged by their employers to complete a 3-day hotel quarantine and they hoped to continue to stay in the hotel to complete another 4-day medical surveillance. Chung revealed that quarantined persons have to leave immediately after completing the three-day hotel quarantine under the new measures, and they need to find another non-quarantine hotel for medical surveillance.

Meanwhile, the supply of designated quarantine hotel rooms will be sufficient next month and business travellers will benefit the most from the new quarantine arrangement. However, foreign tourists will still not visit Hong Kong due to the 4-day medical surveillance under amber code as they will not be able to enter scheduled premises including restaurants.