Designated Mpox vaccination centre in Mong Kok to cease operations


28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) has announced that the designated Mpox vaccination centre located at 2/F, CHP building, 147C Argyle Street in Mong Kok will cease operations starting from 1st December. However, individuals in need of Mpox vaccinations can still avail themselves of the service at other vaccination venues.

The Mpox vaccination programme was launched by the government on 5th October last year. The program aims to provide vaccinations on a voluntary basis to Hong Kong residents who belong to high-risk groups. These groups include individuals with high-risk sexual practices, healthcare workers responsible for caring for patients with confirmed Mpox, laboratory personnel working with zoonotic pox viruses, and animal care personnel with a high risk of exposure in case of Mpox occurrence in animals in Hong Kong.

The government regularly assesses the risk based on the latest scientific evidence and situation, implementing appropriate control measures. As the number of confirmed Mpox cases in Hong Kong has increased, the CHP established the designated vaccination centre on July 27 this year to cater specifically to high-risk groups. As of 26th November, over 1,400 doses of the vaccine were administered at the designated centre, and more than 14,800 doses were administered under the Mpox vaccination programme. However, due to underutilisation of the centre on Argyle Street in recent months, it will cease operations from 1st December.

Individuals belonging to high-risk groups can still receive Mpox walk-in vaccinations at eight Social Hygiene Service Clinics (SocHS) operated by the DH. These clinics include Chai Wan SocHS, Wan Chai Male SocHS, Wan Chai Female SocHS, Yau Ma Tei Male SocHS, Yau Ma Tei Female SocHS, Yung Fung Shee SocHS, Fanling SocHS, and Tuen Mun SocHS. Detailed information on these clinics can be found on the DH’s official website. Additionally, the DH’s Integrated Treatment Centre in Kowloon Bay, as well as the Special Medical Clinics at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital operated by the Hospital Authority, will continue to provide Mpox vaccination services for their clients.

To date, a total of 54 confirmed Mpox cases have been recorded in Hong Kong. The CHP strongly urges individuals belonging to high-risk groups to receive the Mpox vaccination in order to reduce the risk of infection and the possibility of experiencing severe symptoms after infection. Individuals who exhibit Mpox symptoms or suspect they may be infected are advised to seek immediate medical attention and treatment. It is important for them to avoid engaging in activities with others during which their skin rash or body fluids may come into contact with other people. The public is also advised to maintain good personal and hand hygiene to prevent virus transmission or infection through contact and to avoid close physical contact with individuals or animals suspected of infection.