Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Chan guarantees that no one died during the 31/8 incident at Prince Edward MTR Station during media conference


12th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Fire Department held a press conference today to address the Prince Edward MTR Station incident again on 31st August. Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Chan expressed that they received many reports with regards to emergency cases on 31st August. He reiterated again that there was no death during the incident. First medical emergency was reported at 10.49pm, a civilian called them after seeing on live tv an elderly man was beaten and many protesters barricaded the road. When firemen finally arrived, it was already 11.31pm and the station was closed. Paramedics were unable to enter the train station.

Second report concerning 3 injured victims was received at 10.56pm. Ambulance arrived at 11.17pm at Exit E of Prince Edward MTR Station. Paramedics entered at 11.20pm, 4 minutes later, they came across a traumatised woman and accompanied her to the ambulance via Exit B at 11.31pm. She then refused to be sent to hospital and hence she was not included in the total number of injured victims.

Third report of smoke coming out from train was received at 10.57pm. Firemen arrived at the scene 4 minutes later. They came with fire hose and other equipment at 11.06pm but there was no fire. Instead, many injured victims were scattered at the area and they started to attend to them. At 11.05pm, fire department received many reports on injured victims. Ambulance subsequently arrived at Exit B at 11.17pm before paramedics entered at 11.30pm. A special train was then arranged to transport injured victims from Prince Edward MTR Station to Lai Chi Kok Station before being sent to hospital after police and firemen took into consideration the risks involved.

Chan emphasised that no one died on 31st August and fire department would not concealed any total number of deaths. He then personally guaranteed that no one passed away during the incident. All 7 victims were conscious when they were sent to hospital. Only one trainee rescue officer was at the platform at 11.30pm and he had problems calculating the total number of injured victims due to the chaotic situation. At 11.46pm, he estimated a total of 10-15 people needed medical attention, 15 minutes later, he readjusted the total to 9 injuries and at 12.15am, the total number of injured victims was estimated at 10. Only at 1.02am, the final total number was finalised at 7 after paramedics gathered them at one location.