Depressed woman with intestinal inflammation and medication needs found on slope near Fuk Tak Temple


23rd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A 54-year-old woman surnamed Tang, who was feeling emotionally low, suffering from intestinal inflammation, and required regular medication, left her home in Kwai Chung alone earlier today (23rd) and lost contact. The woman’s husband was worried about her safety as she had expressed suicidal thoughts to him before. He reported the incident to the authorities around 1pm this afternoon. Law enforcement agencies, together with the fire department, launched a search operation.

Finally, at around 6pm, Tang was found on a slope near Fuk Tak Temple on Shek Pai Street. She was not injured, but her body was weak, and she had to be transported down the hill on a stretcher before being arranged to be taken to the hospital for examination by ambulance.