Denise Ho and Margaret Ng, 2 of 5 trustees of 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund released on bail but banned from leaving HK

Margaret Ng and Denise Ho

12th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Hui Po-keung, the trustee of the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund and a former scholar at Lingnan University, was arrested at the Hong Kong International Airport yesterday (10th) on suspicion of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law” for colluding with foreign forces. It is known that he originally planned to leave Hong Kong to go abroad as a visiting scholar at a university. Hui made comments from time to time during his opposition to the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in 2019, and later became a trustee of the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund. In September 2021, Hui lost his Lingnan chair.

As of yesterday, among the other four trustees of the fund, singer Denise Ho, former cardinal of the Catholic Church Joseph Zen, and former Legislative Councillor Margaret Ng have all been arrested. They were suspected of committing “conspiracy to collude with foreign forces to endanger national security”. Article 29 of the “Hong Kong National Security Law”, the National Security Office of the Police requires them to surrender all travel documents and will be released on bail pending investigation. In addition, the police also applied to the court for a subpoena against the above-mentioned persons and another 37-year-old man for allegedly failing to comply with the requirements of the Societies Ordinance to register for the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund. It is understood that the 37-year-old man is Sze Ching-wee, the secretary of the Fund and a member of League of Social Democrats.

It is reported that the police have information on a number of 612 fund donors and organisations and are investigating the case. Another source said that the other fund trustee, former Legislative Councillor Cyd Ho who was sentenced to prison for participating in an illegal assembly on 4th June of the previous year, will be arrested again today.