Democratic Party condemns police for colluding with Fujian triads in North Point and suppressing freedom

Lam Cheuk Ting

16th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Lam Cheuk-ting, Democratic Party politician held a press conference to lament over the lack of action by police officers after some arrestees who supported police were let-off during the clashes in North Point yesterday. He accused the police of practising double standard during their operation.

Lam expressed shock after police tolerated the actions of a group of purported Fujian triad members who wielded knives and poured oil on the road in North Point to intimidate protesters. He emphasised that these triad members were armed with offensive weapons but police refused to take stern action. Even the 7 arrestees were not handcuffed and police allowed a few of them to cover their faces with police shields.

Another Legislative Councillor, Kwok Ka-ki who was present during the press conference also condemned police for arresting random bystanders and he further accused the force of being used by Beijing government as a political tool to suppress the freedom of the people. He personally witnessed young arrestee being manhandled to the ground with his face squeezed. He chided the cruel treatment of protesters by police officers and they were being labelled as’ hitmen, killers and cowards’.

Another politician, Leung Yiu-chung said that police disrespected legislative councillors, in particular, Hui Chi-fung who was arrested in North Point yesterday. He expressed that Hui was merely there to mitigate the situation but he was arrested instead for obstructing police officers. He called for an independent inquiry commission to be set up to investigate police brutality and abuse of power.