Delivery truck blocks road and collides with private car while unloading goods in Tin Shui Wai


27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a viral video circulating on social media today (May 27), a car’s dashboard camera captured a shocking incident involving a delivery truck in Tin Mei Street, at the intersection with Tin Shun Lane. The footage shows the truck crossing double white lines and heading towards the entrance of a kindergarten. The driver partially parked the front of the truck on the pedestrian walkway while leaving the rear portion on the road. The truck then came to a stop, and the driver lowered the tailgate in preparation to unload the goods.

At this point, the truck, along with its tailgate, completely blocked the two lanes of traffic heading from Tin Mei Street towards Tin Ho Road. As the truck driver slowly made his way towards the rear of the vehicle, a private car approached from the opposite direction. The driver of the private car encountered the obstacle of the tailgate blocking the road and quickly swerved to avoid it. Unfortunately, the car’s left-side rearview mirror struck the tailgate, shattering it into fragments.

Upon realizing the situation, the truck driver walked over to inspect the incident. Meanwhile, it is believed that parents who were there to drop off or pick up their children from the kindergarten also gathered at the scene to observe what had happened. The video concludes with the involved private car slowly reversing back into the frame, presumably with its driver intending to hold the truck driver accountable for the accident. However, the video does not provide further details about the aftermath or specify the date of the recording.

The incident, where the truck’s tailgate obstructed the road and narrowly avoided causing harm to the private car, sparked an outpouring of public sentiment online. Many netizens criticised the truck driver, with comments such as “When driving a truck, you need to use your brain. Private car drivers risk their lives,” “Even if I were a truck driver, I wouldn’t help you. How many lives do you think you can endanger by blocking the road like that? Shameful behaviour,” “The truck blocked both lanes just to unload goods. The truck lost,” “They should suspend the driver’s license permanently,” and “Even as a truck driver, I wouldn’t open the tailgate like that. It’s absolutely reckless!”