Day trip guide to Cheong Chau

A different perspective on the tourists infected island.

We are sure most of you have been to Cheung Chau but once in a while, it’s good to revisit the place and in this article we will offer you a different perspective of the island.

Go during noon so that u will arrive in time for lunch. Once you arrive at Cheung Chau, turn left and walk all the way to the end to savour some seafood. There are plenty of choices but opt for those which offer value-for-money set lunches (3 dishes for under HKD250). You should be able to order fish, prawns, vegetables with rice at a reasonable price. Once you have had your lunch, take a stroll along the seafront and if you can’t resist and if you still have room in your stomach,  you can sample some of the small bites ranging from grilled seafood to mouth watering desserts such as grilled pineapples and mango mochi.


Do not be afraid to explore the smaller lanes as you walk towards the other side of the island, turn left into any of the smaller lanes and keep walking, you will discover many graffitis and understand the island life even better – a stark contrast to the hectic pace in Hong Kong.


Do not miss the Nordic cafe, Heima Heima on G/F, No.25 Tsan Tuen Road as  you walk towards the Cheung Po Tsai Cave. Take a rest and  try the delicious coffee e.g. Ginger Latte. Indulge in some desserts before you continue with  your journey. Grab some snacks and beer in a store next to the cafe so that you enjoy later.

We would advise you to skip the major tourist spot on the island i.e. Cheung Po Tsai Cave (A cave is a cave, there is nothing exciting about it)  and instead, we would advise you to climb out to the reclining rock near the cave and watch the sun go down. This is by far, the most spectacular view you can get on the island. Most tourists would just walk along the path and would not climb to the rocks. Bring some snacks, drinks and watch the sun go down. This is one of the experiential activities one should engage in his/her lifetime.




Getting there and getting around:

From Central, take either the fast ferry (35 minutes) or the slow ferry (55 minutes). We would advise you to take the slow walk instead of renting the bikes as you will spend more time avoiding the oncoming tourists then enjoying the views.


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