David Beckham spotted with fuller-looking hair after paparazzi caught him with thinning hair during shopping trip in the Cotswolds last weekend (Updated)

David Beckham showed off his full-looking head of hair today.

12th May 2020 – (Cotswolds) David Beckham, 45 who was rumoured to have undergone a halr transplant in 2018 has appeared to lost most of his hair recently. He was spotted shopping in Cotswolds on Sunday recently and his thinning hair was captured by paparazzi (Read HERE). He has been posting latest pictures and videos of himself with either hat or beanie on his Instagram account to cover his hair.

However, after a couple of days of miraculous transformation, he posted a new video of him on his Instagram with a  a fuller-looking head and the thinning hair appeared to be gone. It is unsure if he has undergone hair transplant in the last couple of days.

In 2019, he was still spotted with his famous locks in many events. It is unsure if he will subsequently shave his hair off and turn bald completely if the condition worsens.