David Beckham spotted in Wan Chai, delighting fans and prompting speculation


    28th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned heartthrob David Beckham made a recent appearance in Macau to attend a fashion magazine event. Among the notable attendees were Japanese actor Takuya Kimura, accompanied by his daughter Koki Kimura, Thai actor Bright Vachirawit, Myolie Wu and her husband Philip Lee, as well as Louise Mak. Everyone present was thrilled to see Beckham and hoped for an opportunity to take a photo with the charismatic star. Beckham graced the occasion, flashing his signature smile as he posed for photos with guests on the red carpet. However, he quickly made his way inside without granting any interviews.

    In the midst of Beckham’s eventful visit, an observant netizen spotted him passing through Wan Chai in a Toyota 7-seater vehicle yesterday. The sighting immediately sparked a flurry of comments from netizens, speculating on Beckham’s activities during his time in Hong Kong. One netizen humorously suggested that Beckham might indulge in sushi, given his previous visit to Macao. The discussion continued as others chimed in, mentioning specific locations such as a popular beef restaurant and a hot pot spot in Jordan, playfully suggesting that Beckham might explore these culinary delights.

    David Beckham passed through Wan Chai in a Toyota 7-seater vehicle yesterday

    Netizens also expressed their admiration for Beckham’s various talents and youthful appearance, with some jokingly requesting him to teach them calligraphy in Chinese. The online conversation further revealed fans’ affection for the star, with declarations of love and expressions of excitement over his presence in Hong Kong. However, there were also disappointed voices among the commenters who expressed regret at missing the opportunity to personally encounter Beckham.