David Beckham and HK-born actress Angelababy appear in a new advertising campaign for The Londoner hotel in Macao

    David Beckham (left) and Angelababy (right).

    23rd May 2023 – (Macao) David Beckham, the 48-year-old heartthrob known for his impeccable fashion sense, was recently spotted in Hong Kong and Macao. The former footballer and current fashion icon is often invited to attend various fashion events around the world, leading a busy jet-setting lifestyle. Yesterday, he posted a story on his Instagram account saying “Hello Macao” and sharing behind-the-scenes footage of himself and Hong Kong-born actress Angelababy in an advertising campaign for The Londoner hotel. Today, he was seen at the Adidas store in Pacific Place in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

    Beckham and Angelababy were filming at a British-themed hotel, enjoying fish and chips on a classic British bus while laughing and joking around. Beckham couldn’t help but gaze at Angelababy as she ate her chips, emitting a deep and sweet gaze. The two also took a photo together, creating a stunning image of a handsome man and a beautiful woman.