Daughter of 72-year-old Hong Kong actor Kent Cheng gets married in a discreet ceremony

    Shum Hon Wo (right) and Kent Cheng (left).

    2nd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Renowned actor Kent Cheng, 72, recently captured the spotlight as he was featured in a beaming photograph shared by local lawyer Shum Hon-wo. Shum Hon-wo congratulated Cheng on his new role as a father-in-law, expressing his delight at the opportunity to take an exclusive picture with the jubilant Cheng. When approached for comment about his newfound status as a proud father-in-law, Cheng humbly replied, “OK, thank you for understanding,” indicating his desire to keep the matter low-key.

    Cheng and his 14-years-younger wife, Lin Yin-ming, crossed paths on a film set. Lam, who has a background in acting chose to step away from the limelight after their marriage, focusing on being a dedicated wife and mother. The couple has been blessed with a son and a daughter. Throughout their married life, Cheng and Lam have weathered ups and downs together. Cheng once revealed that during periods of financial difficulties and accumulating debts in the tens of millions, Lam remained supportive and never complained. Even when their family downsized from a luxurious residence to a modest few hundred square feet, she stood steadfastly by his side, saying, “It doesn’t matter! We’ll get through it as a family. We’ll find a way!” To repay debts, Cheng had to spend extended periods in mainland China shooting dramas, while Lam single-handedly took care of their children, shouldering the responsibilities of both mother and father. To alleviate Cheng’s concerns, Lam lived frugally and refused to indulge in luxury brands. Cheng previously mentioned that their daughter graduated from a local university and currently works in the field of marketing.