Daughter-in-law turns out to be woman’s biological daughter during her son’s wedding in Suzhou


30th June 2022 – (Suzhou) A woman found out on the wedding day of her son in Suzhou on 31st May that her daughter-in-law was actually her own biological daughter who had been separated with her for many years. It happened that the son was adopted, and there was no issue for him in marrying her daughter. The incident was just like the plot of a TV drama.

When she saw the birthmark on the bride’s hand, she suspected that she was her biological daughter who lost touch with her. She was very nervous at first, but finally she couldn’t help asking her in-laws, “Is this child adopted by you?” They were taken aback when they heard the question because it was an unknown secret. The woman explained that the birthmark on the bride’s hand was exactly the same as that of her own daughter, who was lost when she was a child.