Dashing 62-year-old Hong Kong actor Francis Ng takes on producer role in memorable reality show appearance

    Francis Ng

    21st February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Veteran Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, aged 62, made a captivating appearance as a producer in the highly anticipated reality show “Memories Beyond Horizon 2.” The official promotional video was released yesterday, showcasing Ng’s determination to become an exceptional actor by staying focused and true to his craft. Recently spotted in mainland China, Ng exuded an air of sophistication, donning a stylish black leather jacket and stylish sunglasses, reminiscent of his iconic character “Sam” from a popular TV drama series. The actor took to social media to share his thoughts, expressing that becoming a great actor requires relentless effort and a clear understanding of one’s aspirations and responsibilities. He reassured his followers that he is committed to supporting them in their pursuit of their own goals.

    In other news, Ng recently celebrated the Lunar New Year in Singapore with his family. During this rare public appearance, Ng’s son, Feynman Ng, attracted attention for his remarkable growth. Last year, Ng proudly revealed that Feynman stands at an impressive height of 1.82 meters (6 feet) and weighs nearly 200 pounds, showcasing his physical stature. The family was seen joyfully visiting relatives and enjoying a festive meal at a local restaurant, fully embracing the traditional customs and spreading good cheer.

    Ng recently celebrated the Lunar New Year in Singapore with his family. Feymann Ng (right).