Daredevil stunt at MTR Fo Tan Station captured on video


23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a startling act caught on a six-second video that went viral last night, a man was filmed executing a daring leap across the tracks at Fo Tan Station on the MTR East Rail Line. The video, compiled from two clips, shows the man taking a running start from one platform and smoothly landing on the opposite side. The first-person view of the jump, recorded from a sports camera mounted on the man himself, added a visceral element to the footage shot on the evening of 20th April.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries from the incident. The footage captures a moment that, while visually impressive, raises significant safety concerns. Fo Tan Station consists of two island platforms with a total of four platforms and three tracks. The man leapt from Platform 2 to Platform 3, effectively crossing a reserve track that is occasionally used for special train services. At the time of the stunt, trains were operating on the outer platforms.

In response, police stated that they received a report from the MTR on the night of 22nd April at about 11.42pm. After reviewing CCTV footage, it was revealed that a man, estimated to be between 20 to 30 years old, had jumped from Platform 2 to Platform 3 at Fo Tan station on the East Rail Line on the evening of April 20th at 10.25pm. The MTR has reported the incident to the police, who have provisionally categorized the case as a violation of MTR regulations.

Upon examining the Instagram account from which the video was leaked, it is evident that the account also features numerous clips of extreme sports. This includes individuals climbing to the tops of cranes and jumping from rooftops of buildings, showcasing alarming and dangerous activities.