Dante Lam’s latest Hong Kong crime thriller “Blast Point” showcases Nick Cheung’s explosive acting skills

    Nick Cheung

    10th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Renowned director Dante Lam and acclaimed actor Nick Cheung have joined forces once again after nine years to bring audiences an adrenaline-pumping Hong Kong action film. “Blast Point” marks their reunion since the 2014 hit “That Demon Within,” and Cheung expressed that Lam’s enthusiasm and dedication seem to have grown even stronger over the years. It’s as if Lam is determined to unleash all the pent-up energy from the past few years in one explosive burst.

    Aside from the thrilling action sequences, Cheung delivers a peak performance in “Blast Point” that showcases his acting prowess. One particular scene stands out, where Cheung’s character, known as Inspector Bond, navigates between various individuals as a buffer, providing assistance to his colleagues, informants, and even his own family. This includes his strained relationship with his on-screen son, portrayed by actor Adrien Yau Tsz Him, who harbours deep resentment towards his father for abandoning them. Inspector Bond strives to repair their fractured bond and goes to great lengths to rescue his son whenever he faces danger. The complex father-son relationship portrayed by Cheung and Yau is intense and gripping.

    In a pivotal moment of the film, Cheung’s character receives a video on his mobile phone concerning his son, and it is through this emotionally charged performance that he conveys the depths of his character’s anguish. Within a mere 30 seconds, Cheung masterfully portrays a range of emotions with remarkable nuance. From the initial confusion upon receiving the mysterious video, to shock, disbelief, and a growing sense of panic, his furrowed brow and laboured breathing reflect the mounting tension. As the scene progresses, Cheung’s character becomes overwhelmed with grief and heartbreak, tears welling up in his eyes. He lets out a heart-wrenching scream, unable to accept the devastating truth before him. Each expression, each transition in emotion, and every moment of internal turmoil is flawlessly conveyed by Cheung, leaving the audience captivated and deeply moved. Even without knowing the exact contents of the video, viewers can fully sense the character’s profound sorrow. Cheung’s explosive acting in this scene is a testament to his exceptional talent.

    After filming this emotionally charged sequence, Cheung needed some time to regain composure. He sat motionless on the set, lost in his thoughts, refusing even the offer of a tissue from the crew. The overwhelming emotions lingered, and director Dante Lam, satisfied with the outcome, couldn’t help but appreciate Cheung’s performance.

    When asked about his preparation for this complex and emotionally demanding scene, Cheung revealed that he didn’t have any specific preparations beforehand. Lam had already envisioned the scene and informed him in advance, and Cheung carried it in his heart. He described the weight of the scene as truly overwhelming. Only after completing the shoot did he feel a sense of relief, as if a heavy burden had been lifted. However, he still had to immediately transition into filming the aftermath of the character’s collapse, so he couldn’t fully process the experience at that moment. Reflecting on this challenging display of his acting skills, Cheung humorously remarked that he has grown accustomed to Lam’s demanding style, as each collaboration pushes him to new heights.