Daniel Wu’s personal autographed photos sent to fan, surprisingly returned with rejection


    1st October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Actor Daniel Wu, known for his roles in both Hollywood and Chinese cinema, celebrated his 49th birthday yesterday, 30th September. Despite being away on business in Thailand, he remained focused on his work commitments and refrained from extravagant celebrations. However, his mainland Chinese fans took the opportunity to shower him with birthday wishes on social media, revealing a heartwarming side of the actor.

    It has been reported that several months ago, one particular fan sent a stack of photographs to Daniel’s management company, hoping to have them delivered to the actor for a personal autograph. Daniel graciously obliged, signing the photos and returning them to the fan. However, to his surprise, months later, Daniel received a “return to sender” letter, leaving him concerned that the fan may have been left disappointed.

    Despite not being able to write Chinese characters himself, Daniel promptly sought assistance from employees at his management company. They wrote a letter on his behalf, explaining the situation to the fan and expressing his gratitude for their support. In addition, Daniel included a self-made T-shirt as a gesture of compensation. The fan was overjoyed upon receiving this unexpected gift from their idol and decided to publicly share Daniel’s caring nature, generating a wave of appreciation and admiration from numerous netizens.

    Daniel Wu, who has achieved international success with his acting career, continues to maintain a strong connection with his fans, demonstrating his genuine appreciation for their support. This incident serves as a testament to his thoughtfulness and the deep bond he shares with his admirers.