Daily travel quota to Shenzhen from Hong Kong increased to 2,000 again from tomorrow onwards


8th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) Earlier, the daily quarantine quota for travellers from Hong Kong to Shenzhen was reduced to 1,000 from the 2,000 on 12th September due to spike in COVID-19 cases in Shenzhen. On 23rd October, the daily quota increased again to 1,500 from 1,000 after the 20th national congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It was announced today that the daily quota has returned to 2,000. According to its online reservation system today (8th), the total daily quota will be 2,000 from tomorrow.

The Central government has yet to ease the quarantine requirement to a 3+4 arrangement after the congress, the border reopening with relaxed anti-epidemic conditions will not be implemented so soon due to the recent rebound in COVID-19 cases. It is estimated that it will take at least another 6 months.

Since 21st March this year, persons travelling to the Mainland by land must hold a negative PCR test report for travel issued by a recognised medical testing institution, with specimen collected within 48 hours before immigration clearance, and must undergo a free additional PCR test at the control points prior to their departure from Hong Kong. After obtaining a reservation at a Shenzhen quarantine hotel, travellers should reserve a time slot through the online booking system for receiving the special PCR test on the day of departure (can book up to coming seven days).

The free PCR test at the relevant control points is provided from 1 hour before the opening and 1 hour after the closure of the passenger clearance buildings. The process will take about 1 to 2 hours, passengers should check the latest opening hours of the control points and allow ample time to complete the immigration clearance after doing undergoing an on-site PCR test.

Travellers can reserve their immigration quota and quarantine room online through the “Online Health Station Room Reservation System” (allow booking for up to 7 days with 2,000 daily quota), to obtain a “green” QR code (screenshot the code for record).