Daily press conference on the COVID-19 epidemic at 4.30pm will be suspended from this Sunday


23rd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong government announced in the evening that starting from this Sunday (25th), the daily press conference on the COVID-19 epidemic at 4.30pm will be suspended. Meanwhile, the Hospital Authority announced that it will resume 4 general outpatient services from tomorrow (24th), including outpatient services on Saturdays and evening outpatient services.

 The HA spokesperson said, “Taking into consideration the recent epidemic developments and the demand for medical services from members of the public, the HA has reviewed the current operation situation and decided to resume suspended services by phases so as to provide appropriate treatment to patients in need.”

The existing eight HA Designated Clinics for COVID-19 confirmed cases and tele-consultations will continue to provide services and support for the confirmed patients in the community. Patients and their family members or carers can make an appointment with a designated clinic for an in-person consultation by calling the selected designated clinic during the booking and service hours or using the “Book Tele/DC” function on the HA’s one-stop mobile app “HA Go” to book an appointment for a designated clinic or tele-consultation service.

 The spokesperson added that the HA will continue to closely monitor the epidemic situation and service demand, to resume more suspended services in accordance to operation situation.