“D” vehicle registration mark garners HK$20.2 million at auction, third-highest on record


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Transport Department’s personalised vehicle registration mark auction on Saturday afternoon saw 49 plates go under the hammer, but none commanded attention quite like “D”. With an opening bid that shattered expectations, the auction set the tone for a record-breaking day.

The auction commenced with a modest reserve price of HK$5,000 for the coveted “D” plate. However, the first bidder catapulted the proceedings into the stratosphere by offering an unprecedented HK$5 million, a staggering thousandfold increase over the reserve. This bold move set the stage for a fierce bidding war that would etch its mark on the history of the auction.

The main contenders, a man in a black shirt holding paddle number 108 and a woman in a peach blouse with paddle number 83, engaged in a spirited back-and-forth. The bids rose incrementally, witnessing a total of 74 increments before the gavel finally fell. The woman in the peach blouse emerged victorious, securing the “D” plate for HK$20.2 million, making it the third-highest price ever paid for a vehicle plate at auction.

This brief but intense 20-minute duel ended with a young woman claiming the prize. Despite her triumph, she chose not to respond to the press’s inquiries, promptly leaving the venue with her companion after completing the registration formalities.

The auction’s highlights included the escalation of bids in rapid succession. The man wielding paddle number 69 opened with a staggering HK$5 million bid, only to be immediately outbid by the woman in peach, who offered HK$5,001,000. After a brief silence from the floor, the man re-entered the fray with a higher bid.

What followed was a titanic struggle, with bids increasing to HK$7 million, at which point the increment per bid was raised to HK$200,000. This only fuelled the competitive fire between the two, with bids exchanged in a relentless rhythm. When the bid reached HK$12.2 million by the woman in peach, the man in black countered with a flat HK$15 million, eliciting applause from the onlookers. However, the woman was not to be outdone, her final bid of HK$20.2 million was enough to deter her rival, and the “D” plate was hers.