Czech hub unveiled in Taiwan to strengthen economic ties

Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Marketa Pekarova Adamova

27th March 2023 – (Taipei) The European Values Center for Security Policy and the Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber have launched the Czech Hub in Taipei City, aiming to establish a strong economic connection between Taiwan and the Czech Republic. The office opening ceremony was held on Monday morning, with the Speaker of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Marketa Pekarova Adamova in attendance.

According to Adamova, the primary objective of the Czech Hub is to create a platform that would invite new Czech and Taiwanese partners across various sectors, facilitating better communication and collaboration between the two nations. She expressed her hope that the launch of this office would encourage other countries to follow suit and establish similar hubs in Taipei to strengthen their relationship with Taiwan.

Besides promoting business activities, the Czech Hub would also serve as a space to “assist in building the Czech community in Taiwan,” Adamova said. The establishment of the office has been made possible with government support from both Taiwan and the Czech Republic, she added.

Adamova is currently leading the most massive Czech delegation in Taiwan, focusing on bolstering bilateral relations between the two nations. She has expressed her confidence in the potential for Czech and Taiwanese companies to work together, especially in the AI and semiconductor industries. The speaker emphasized the need for “good friends to work on their relationship” and strengthen it further.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Roy Chun Lee, stated that the Czech Hub’s launch indicates that the Czech Republic is committed to a long-term partnership with Taiwan. Lee believes that the two nations can work together in various fields, including business, think tanks, and the exchange of ideas.

Lee acknowledged that many companies have realised the “hidden agendas” when doing business in China, and moving to Taiwan could provide a higher level of peace of mind and confidence. He also pointed out that Taiwanese ICT companies have already established operations in the Czech Republic, which is one of the most competitive and attractive destinations in Europe.

The Czech Hub is located in the Gengxi Building in Taipei City and will function as a bridge between Taiwan and the Czech Republic for various sectors, promoting cooperation, and mutual benefits.