Customised vehicle licence number with the English letter “W” sold for record-breaking HK$26m


7th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Transport Department resumed the Lunar New Year vehicle registration number auction today (7th). The bidding atmosphere was quite intense. The single customised licence number with the English letter “W” was finally sold for a recording price of HK$26 million.

The second-highest transaction price was the licence plate number “96”, the final transaction price was HK$3.16 million. The customised license plate number “W” started from the reserve price of HK$5,000, and the first bid reached HK$5 million immediately. When the asking price reached HK$18.2 million, it broke the number “28” without the prefix in 2016. It was sold at HHK$18.1 million in 2016.

During this auction, a total of 55 vehicle registration marks were auctioned. Among them, the “330” license plate without prefix was also sold for HK$960,000, and the “518” license plate without prefix and the “VV 1” license plate were also sold for HK$2.35 million and HK$1.16 million. In addition, 4 numbers including “EE 83” and “3368” were withdrawn due to no bids.