CUHK No. 2 Bridge re-opens to public today after 5 months


28th April 2020 – (Hong Kong) Anti-extradition protests broke out in Hong Kong last year for over 6 months. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Bridge No. 2 was occupied by a large number of protesters in November last year, and a large amount of debris was thrown onto Tolo Harbour Highway below causing traffic to be disrupted. The CUHK Bridge No. 2 was closed for more than 5 months and then reopened at 8 am this morning (28th). Both sides of the bridge were fitted with barbed wires about 4 meters high to prevent protesters from occupying the bridge and throwing debris again. Some members of the public were pleased with this, saying that the closure of the No. 2 Bridge has caused huge inconvenience. A

After the reopening of the No. 2 bridge of CUHK, a row of stone barges were placed on both sides, and barbed wire with a height of about 4 metres was installed on the stone barges. The driving lane has also been narrowed from the previous dual lane to the single lane. Vehicles can only enter the university campus via the second bridge from the entrance of the university’s east gate. A university security officer revealed that after installing a stone barn on the bridge, the traffic lanes were insufficient for two large school buses to pass at the same time. It is estimated that vehicles will need to take a detour to the Science Park with an additional 10 minutes.