Crypto winter gets worse, now it’s a ‘polar vortex’


21st June 2022 – (Sydney) The crypto winter has just got even colder, an expert has warned.

Instead of being simply winter, cryptocurrency is now caught up in a “polar vortex”, a senior executive at one of the world’s largest banks said in a blunt admission.

For the entire year, cryptocurrency has been enduring a bear run.

However, last weekend things took a turn for the worse as investors panicked following the US central bank hiking the interest rate by 75 basis points.

It prompted fears a global recession and crypto investors quickly retreated, casing a mass sell off and a drastic drop in price for some of the world’s top-ranked blockchains.

At its lowest, the number one cryptocurrency, bitcoin, fell to $US17,601.58 (A$25,300) on Sunday morning although at time of writing, it had recovered slightly, sitting on around US$20,000.

That’s a massive drop when you consider that at the start of last month, bitcoin was trading at US$36,141.33 (A$52,000), according to CoinMarketCap.

In fact, its lowest price over the last few weeks represents a whopping 74 per cent dip in value since BTC’s all-time high in November when it nearly hit US$69,000 (A$99,000) per coin.

In fact, all bitcoin’s gains over the last two years of the pandemic have pretty much been wiped – BTC hasn’t been this low since October 2020.

Although cryptocurrencies has weathered several winters and fluctuations in price, the banking pro says this one was the most extreme given how widely used blockchain now is.

Cryptocurrency has been facing a reckoning in recent weeks – and particularly the last few days – as fears mount over a global recession amid rampant inflation and the US central bank hiking interest rates.

Data found the USA’s inflation rate had reached a new high — rising to 8.6 per cent in May, the worst its been since 1981.

The US Federal Reserve raised its interest rate to combat spiking inflation by a whopping 75 basis points.

Cryptocurrency is closely aligned with the traditional stock market and over the last week, markets like Dow Jones have tanked and entered a bear run.