Several crew members of halved engineering vessel rescued by Government Flying Services team

Picture source: GFS

2nd July 2022 – (Hong Kong) An engineering vessel broke in two parts in the waters 160 nautical miles (about 300 kilometres) southwest of Hong Kong. The Government Flying Services dispatched a fixed-wing aircraft and three helicopters to the scene to conduct search and rescue operation.

A video shared by Government Flying Services shows that the members of the Government Flying Services descended to the deck to rescue the crew members who were suspected of falling into the sea. The keel of the engineering ship involved was broken, and the hull was split in two, sank into the water, and it was almost swallowed by the raging sea. C It is reported that due to the poor weather at that time, there were swells of more than 10 metres above the sea surface. So far, 3 out of the 30 crew members have been rescued.