Creator of “Pillar of Shame” plans to move sculpture to U.S. or Europe for exhibitions


14th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) After the dissolution of the Hong Kong Alliance, the University of Hong Kong sent a letter last week requesting the HK Alliance to remove the “Pillar of Shame.” Jens Galschiot, the creator of the sculpture, said that the sculpture may be deemed to be in violation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” and is seeking time from the school to completely move it out of Hong Kong, or to the United States or Europe for exhibition. He also declared that he would not give up and would create a new “Pillar of Shame”.

He said that it is extremely cruel to ask for the removal of the sculpture. “China should not do this. It will only make China appear more cruel”, he said. He pointed out that universities generally advocate freedom, academic discussion, etc. It is a shame for universities to request the removal of the sculpture commemorating the June 4th incident. He is buying time from the University of Hong Kong, hoping to have a few months to remove the sculpture. He hopes to keep the sculpture in Hong Kong, but he is not sure whether it can continue to remain in the city because of the National Security Law. He also said that once the sculpture is destroyed, it is still a work of art and has a new story. He hopes everyone will try their best to collect the pieces. He said that he would not give up, or would use the fragments to create a new “Pillar of Shame.”