COVID-19 cases surge to 138 in China including 81 from Hebei, South African variant virus detected in Taiwan


14th January 2021 – (Hebei Province) The National Health Commission of the Mainland announced that yesterday (13th) 138 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were recorded, of which 124 were diagnosed locally. 81 were in Hebei and 43 were in Heilongjiang, the remaining 14 were imported cases including 8 in Shanghai, 3 cases in Guangdong, 1 case in Beijing, 1 case in Henan and 1 case in Guangxi.

Meanwhile, Hebei has a reported new death, the first in 8 months. A total of 87,844 cases were recorded in the mainland, and 4,635 people died.

Taiwan added 4 imported cases yesterday including India (1 case) and Indonesia (3 cases). In addition, a Swadini patient diagnosed earlier was confirmed to be infected with the South African variant virus, the first variant in Taiwan. Taiwan has a total of 842 confirmed cases and 7 deaths.

After the outbreak in Hebei, the number of confirmed cases has increased in double digits since the 4th of this month. On the 10th, there were 82 local confirmed cases. Together with imported cases, the number of local confirmed cases nationwide increased to 103 on the first day, and it dropped slightly on the 11th January to 40.

On the 12th, Hebei alone recorded 90 confirmed cases, a record high since the outbreak. 81 cases were recorded in Hebei yesterday, and 124 cases were confirmed locally in China.