Court requests plaintiffs from Australia to pay HK$400,000 as security deposit in legal suit against Allan Zeman for alleged breach of oral agreement


8th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) The founder of LKF, Allan Zeman was sued by two Australians, Raymond Gulliver and David Vereker, earlier for failing to honour a 20% commission he verbally agreed to give them over a land sale in Macau 11 years ago. The Plaintiffs filed a writ in the High Court seeking HK$72 million from Allan for an oral agreement which he failed to honour in 2008.

Allan Zeman has applied to the court today to request the Plaintiffs to pay HK$563,000 as security deposit into the court (similar to a deposit) within 28 days from today. Failing which, the proceedings will be temporarily halted until the plaintiff complies with the order for the payment of security for costs. In the event of the defendant being successful in defeating the plaintiff’s claim, the money paid by the plaintiff can be used to settle the defendant’s legal costs. The court reduced the security deposit to HK$400,000 instead.

The Plaintiffs revealed the written correspondence between the parties but it was categorically denied by the defendant as the letters did not concern him. The Plaintiff was referring to a piece of reclaimed land in Cotai, Macau which was subsequently leased to MGM Macau by the Macau government. The defendant was not involved in the deal at all.

Zeman had issued a statement earlier to deny the Plaintiffs’ accusations and he would go through the proper legal channel to protect his reputation.