Court allows adjournment of contempt case against David Li aka “Lunch Brother”


12th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) A familiar face who has always appeared solo in a blue top during the anti-extradition and anti-government protests in Hong Kong since March 2019 is known as David Li Kwok-wing, or “Lunch Brother”, a 17-year-old high school activist.

David Li and a 60-year-old retired female security guard were suspected of using foul language to insult a witness outside the court during recess of a Coroner’s inquest in August last year. Earlier, they were charged with criminal contempt of court by the Department of Justice and the case appeared at the High Court today for court mention. Since their application for legal aid was rejected, they were not represented by lawyers today.

However, Li will appeal against the decision of the Legal Aid Department, so he applied for an adjournment of the contempt case. The judge adjourned the case until 2nd August, but reminded: “This is a very serious accusation, and it is also a very serious case. Please take it seriously.”

Li said in court that his appeal application has been scheduled on 24th June and ao he applied for an adjournment of the case.

Li’s father said that Li suffers from autism and hyperactivity, and that “he may have problems in his defence”, and his father hopes that he could defend him on his behalf. The judge refused his request and said bluntly: “The high court handles many cases and a lot of defendants say that they have mental problems, but most can defend themselves successfully.”