Couple who jumps to their death at Cheung Shan Estate attempted to burn charcoal to end their lives 10 years ago due to financial issues

Cheung Shan Estate

8th February 2023 – (Hong Kong) At 4.14am today (8th), two loud noises suddenly came from Lok Shan House in Cheung Shan Estate, which alarmed many residents of the building. Rescuers rushed to the scene and found a middle-aged man and woman lying unconscious on the patio of the building. They were suspected to have jumped off from a higher floor.  It was preliminarily confirmed that the deceased male surnamed Chan (46 years old) was married to the deceased female surnamed Lee (42 years old).

It is reported that the deceased couple actually lived at Cheung On Estate, Tsing Yi, but they jumped to their death from the top of Lok Shan House in Cheung Shan Estate instead. Lok Shan House is where the deceased woman’s grandmother lives. According to their neighbours at Cheung On Estate, the couple often quarrelled over money, and they attempted to commit suicide by burning charcoal more than ten years ago due to financial difficulties. They were shocked to hear about the tragic news. They said that the couple lived in the apartment for more than 20 years, during which time they moved out before. They eventually moved back after they failed to end their lives earlier. It is understood that the two attempted to burn charcoal due to financial difficulties at that time. The Social Welfare Department has contacted the family of the deceased and will provide appropriate assistance according to their needs. As for other personal information of the family involved, it is inconvenient for the department to comment.

If you have suicidal tendencies or depression, please call the 24-hour multi-lingual hotline at The Samaritans Hong Kong : 28960000.