Couple sues Conrad Hotel in Hangzhou after being seen naked by window cleaners

Conrad Hangzhou

25th March 2023 – (Hangzhou) A couple from mainland China who stayed at a luxury hotel in Hangzhou are considering taking legal action against the hotel after they were seen naked by window cleaners. The couple had booked a river-view room on the 41st floor of the Conrad Hotel, which cost RMB1,649 (approximately HK$1,900) per night.

The couple were shocked to find workers cleaning the windows outside their room the next morning, and as they opened the curtains to take in the view, they were “caught in the act” by the workers. The couple have demanded an explanation from the hotel, threatening legal action if they are not satisfied with the response.

The hotel claims that it was unable to notify the guests in advance of the window cleaning, as the schedule is managed by a third-party company and cleaning times cannot be predicted. However, the hotel did provide warning signs in the rooms, reminding guests to close the curtains when necessary. The hotel also stated that it had tried to resolve the issue by asking the couple to stay for an extra two days while it investigated the incident, but the couple refused.