Couple arrested for murdering baby boy in Tai Kok Tsui argues over dinner before tragic incident

The arrested couple and the deceased baby.

14th August 2022 – (Hong Kong)  A murder case occurred in Tai Kok Tsui yesterday morning. A 3-month-old baby boy surnamed Cheng, who was placed under a couple’s custody, was sent to the hospital in a coma with multiple bruises and burns on his body. He was later certified dead.

After investigation, the police arrested a 35-year-old man Ip and his 24-year-old wife, Lam for suspected murder. The mother of the deceased baby revealed that at the beginning of August due to commencement of her new job, she left her son under the care of the arrested woman whom she has known for more than 10 years. Lam was paid HK$1,000 to take care of her baby. The two have known each other when they were both movie extras at a local TV station long time ago.

The arrested couple always shared their loving pictures on social media.

The 35-year-old Ip has a previous record of child abuse. His wife, Lam once wrote on Facebook, “You can ditch us but please don’t abuse!”

On 12th August, the two argued again over cooking issue before Lam posted on social media at 12.27am on 13th August to lament over her responsibility to take care of her baby and her friend’s baby, Cheng while having to cook for the whole family and a friend. It is understood that Ip invited a friend home for dinner, and Lam had to go out in the rain to buy food for dinner but in the end, the friend failed to turn up, and the two ended up arguing.

At 1.54am, Ip reported to the police that the baby, Cheng was in a coma in the unit, and he was sent to the hospital for rescue. The forensic doctor found that Cheng was suspected to be abused before he passed away. The right thigh and right instep had multiple burns ranging from 1 to 8 centimetres. Blisters appeared from the burns. The cause of death was suspected to be suspicious. The Mong Kok Police District Major Crime Squad took over the investigation and eventually arrested the two who are still being detained. It is understood that Ip has dyslexia and attended a boarding school in the U.K. In 2011, he worked in a large cosmetics company in Hong Kong and before working in the logistics industry. Lam was a TV station extra when she was young, so she knew the deceased baby’s mother. She also has a son who is several years old from her previous relationship.

Ip holding his own baby in October 2021.

In October last year, Lam gave birth to a baby. She posted on Facebook on 23rd October 2021 to thank her husband Ip for taking care of her child from previous relationship and the new-born baby.