Counterfeit goods market flourishes on Johnston Road, Wan Chai during Lunar New Year festivities


12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Wan Chai’s Johnston Road, has undergone a transformation during the Lunar New Year celebrations, resembling a local rendition of the renowned Mong Kok’s Ladies Market. The area has become a hub for both local and South Asian traders, who have been observed selling a wide range of counterfeit goods, including New York Yankees baseball caps, as well as imitations of luxury brands such as Nike, Gucci, LV, Chloe, and Michael Kors. Despite the presence of shoppers engaged in enthusiastic haggling, law enforcement officers were conspicuously absent from the scene.

As dusk settled over Wan Chai, the vibrant atmosphere on Johnston Road was palpable. Crowds of shoppers, eager to make the most of the Lunar New Year sales, were engrossed in perusing the counterfeit goods on offer from the diverse array of traders. The street was awash with imitation accessories, handbags, and clothing items, with some eye-catching counterfeit Gucci bags being priced as low as HK$100 each.