Cosplay takes centre stage with “Dragon Ball” and “Journey to the West” themes during Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races


16th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) During a thrilling two-day event, the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races entered its second day of competition today. Among the various races, the attention was captivated by the vibrant “Cosplay Contest,” featuring both local and international teams. Some teams dressed up as characters from popular anime such as “Dragon Ball,” while others took inspiration from the renowned Chinese literary classic “Journey to the West.”

Representing the Shatin Baptist Church, a team of 18 members participated in the Cosplay Contest, donning costumes of classic characters from anime series such as “Dragon Ball,” and “Pokémon.” They also included characters from the popular video game “Street Fighter,” such as Luffy, Boa Hancock, Dhalsim, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and Chun-Li. Mr. Tsai, one of the team members, expressed confidence in their cosplay performance, as this was their second year participating in the contest. Along the way, many citizens stopped to take pictures with them. When asked about their choice of Dragon Ball characters, Mr. Tsai explained that the anime series has a rich history of 20 to 30 years, and they aimed to evoke childhood memories for the locals by portraying these beloved characters.

Adding to the excitement, foreign participants dressed up as Barbie dolls, which have gained immense popularity worldwide, creating a pink frenzy. Britta from Germany revealed that she had previously participated in the races in Hong Kong before the COVID-19 pandemic. After a five-year gap, she returned to find that Hong Kong remains vibrant and the races are still filled with a great atmosphere. She mentioned the spirit of camaraderie among the teams, who cheered and supported each other throughout the races. Britta emphasized that her participation as Barbie was purely for fun.