Correctional Services Department officers foil attack on staff member by remand inmate

File photo.

27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Officers from the Escort and Support Group of the Correctional Services Department successfully intervened to prevent a male remand inmate from attacking a staff member today.

At approximately 5.09pm, a 29-year-old male remand inmate suddenly became agitated and launched an attack on a correctional officer inside a lift at the Magistrates’ Courts. Swift action was taken by the officers present to subdue the assailant and immediately call for additional support.

During the altercation, the targeted officer sustained an injury to his eye. Following an initial assessment and treatment administered by the Medical Officer at the correctional institution’s hospital, the injured officer was subsequently transferred to a public hospital for further medical attention. The assailant, in turn, sustained an injury to his chest. However, after receiving medical examination and treatment from the institution’s Medical Officer, he did not require transfer to a public hospital.

The incident has been reported to the Police, who will conduct an investigation into the matter to determine the circumstances surrounding the attack.

The assailant had been remanded in custody since May 2024 on charges related to the possession of a dangerous drug. The motive behind the attack on the correctional officer remains under investigation.