Correctional Services Department launches operation to combat illicit activities at Tai Lam Correctional Institution


16th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Correctional Services Department (CSD) initiated a targeted operation at Tai Lam Correctional Institution. The management of the institution had already heightened measures to address illicit food transactions among the inmates during the Lunar New Year period and continued to closely monitor those individuals involved.

At 8.24am today, two inmates were discovered engaging in illicit food transactions within the institution’s dining hall. Swift disciplinary action was taken by correctional officers in response. During the incident, six other inmates in the dining hall expressed support for the individuals involved and collectively rebelled against the institution’s management, attempting to exert pressure for the withdrawal of disciplinary actions. Acting promptly, the officers removed them from the dining hall for separate investigation.

Intelligence also indicated that additional inmates were plotting to advocate for those involved in the incident, with the intention of exacerbating the situation. After careful assessment and meticulous planning, the CSD deployed reinforcements to Tai Lam Correctional Institution. This included personnel from the Regional Response Team, the Security Unit, the Dog Unit, and other supporting members. Their objective was to conduct a special search operation targeting the identified individuals. Subsequently, 11 other inmates suspected of participating in the aforementioned activities and possessing unauthorized items were segregated from the general population for further investigation. The CSD remains vigilant and will continue to closely monitor the situation.