Correctional officer prevents assault at Nei Kwu Correctional Institution

Nei Kwu Correctional Institution

3rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A correctional officer at Nei Kwu Correctional Institution successfully intervened in an assault today, saving a detainee from further harm. At around 1.42pm, a 47-year-old female detainee launched an attack on a 33-year-old female detainee, making use of a plastic stool within a dayroom. The vigilant officer present at the scene immediately intervened, putting an end to the assault, and promptly called for additional assistance.

As a result of the incident, the victim suffered head injuries. She received immediate medical attention from the institution’s Medical Officer and was subsequently transferred to a public hospital for further treatment. Fortunately, the assailant did not sustain any injuries during the altercation.

Law enforcement authorities have been notified, and the case has now been handed over to the Police for further investigation into the circumstances surrounding the assault.

Both detainees had been in custody at Nei Kwu Correctional Institution since January 2024 under the Immigration Ordinance. The institution is responsible for the detention of individuals under the purview of the ordinance, ensuring their safety and security while in custody.