Coronet Amazing Museum boasts 10 diamond collections certified by Guinness World Records worth millions


    10th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Coronet Amazing Museum is the first museum of diamond and jewellery themes in the world and it is based in Hong Kong. If you love everything bling-bling, this is the one place that you must visit.

    The Coronet Amazing Museum, operated by Coronet, has more than 10 diamond collections, 10 of which have been certified by the Guinness World Records, including the “Most Valuable Guitar” and the “Guitar with the Most Inlaid Gems”, “Toilet with the most diamonds”, Handbag with the most diamonds”, “Mobile Phone Case with the most diamonds “, “Most Valuable Golf Club”, “Lipstick Case with the most diamonds” etc.

    The “most valuable guitar” was modified with a Gibson SG 120th Anniversary Limited Guitar, using 400 diamonds, 1.6 kg of gold Guinness World Records valued it at US$2 million (approximately HK$15.5 million). Michael Jackson’s elder brother, Jermaine Jackson, played in front of more than 40,000 audiences on the BBC stage in 2015 with the guitar. This guitar was designed by the famous local composer, Mark Lui. The design was inspired by the Garden of Eden.

    Another “Guitar with the Most Inlaid Gems” in the museum is a Fender bass electric guitar inlaid with 16,033 Swarovski gems. It was created by Hollywood stars Jermaine Jackson and Alice Trinh, the design director of Aaron Shum Jewelry. The guitar has a windmill-shaped wheel design to resemble the “wheel of life.”

    The private museum has been open to the public since June 2019.

    To visit the museum, buy your tickets HERE.

    Address: Coronet Amazing Museum, Hang Ngai Jewellery Centre, Hok Yuen St E, Hok Yuen