CORONAVIRUS UPDATE : Total deaths in China reach 1,011, two health officials removed in Hubei


11th February 2020 – (China) 103 deaths were reported in Hubei yesterday which increased the total death toll in the province to 974. Total deaths in China have reached 1,011 as of 10am today. 42,729 infected cases were recorded with 1,013 deaths including one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.

Hubei authorities confirmed an additional 2,097 cases of the virus in Hubei on Monday, which brings the total number of cases in the region to 31,728. More than 25,000 patients have been hospitalized in Hubei, including 1,298 who are in critical condition, according to the health authority. However, over 2,000 patients have fully recovered and discharged.

Hubei has removed two health officials from their posts as the death toll hit 1,000. Criticism has mounted over China’s transparency and speed in handling the epidemic. President Xi Jinping made his first public appearance after the death of a doctor who became a hero for speaking out about the deadly coronavirus sparked public anger.

Tedros, who visited Beijing for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese ministers in late January, returned with an agreement on sending an international mission. It took nearly two weeks to get the green light from the Chinese government on the team, which Tedros said would number between 10 and 15.

First coronavirus case confirmed in San Diego County in the United States. A patient is being treated for coronavirus at a San Diego UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest, according to a local official. It is the first confirmed case in the county since the outbreak started. South Korea confirmed 1 more coronavirus case. 1 new case was also confirmed in UAE.

Close to 100 residents of Hong Mei House, Cheung Hong Estate in Hong Kong evacuated due to fears virus was transmitted through pipes. “As the pipeline that transfers feces is connected to the air pipe, it is very likely for the virus in the feces to be transmitted through the air fan into the toilet,” Professor KY Yuen said during an impromptu midnight press conference held Tuesday morning local time.