Convicted defendant in airport attack of Global Times reporter case accuses Mark Simon as the mastermind

Mark Simon (left) and Lai Yun-long (right)

25th November 2021 – (Hong Kong) Global Times reporter Fu Guohao’s three attackers at the Hong Kong airport in 2019 were sentenced to jail for four years and three months, five years and three months, and five years and six months, respectively in January this year. The three suspects that illegally detained and wounded Fu were found guilty of rioting and assault.

They originally refused to accept the conviction and sentence and applied to the High Court for appeal. The Court of Appeal started the case today (25th) for processing of the appeal application. Although Lai Yun-long, one of the defendants withdrew the application, he said he wanted to inform the court, saying that the “2019 riot” and the airport attack were instigated by Jimmy Lai’s aide Mark Simon who is currently wanted by Hong Kong Police. He then said that ‘I want to apologise to 1.4 billion Chinese people!”.

As for the other defendant, she admitted that she committed the crime in her submission, but hoped that the court will be lenient on her. After hearing her submission, the judge refused to grant her permission to appeal.