Controversy surrounds Miss Hong Kong 2023 winner’s transformation, sparks plastic surgery speculations

    Hilary Chong

    2nd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant has been the centre of controversy, with 21-year-old champion Hilary Chong facing criticism and rumours of conflicts with other contestants. Online, some netizens have questioned her beauty, claiming she is not qualified to be Miss Hong Kong and even dubbing her nose a “Pig Gallbladder Nose.” However, a recent transformation has left many stunned.

    Last year, Chong shared a photo on social media of herself without heavy makeup, revealing a more natural and youthful appearance. Wearing a simple black short-sleeved T-shirt, she exuded a fresh and innocent student look, earning praise from numerous netizens who found her even more attractive off-camera. In recent months, Chong’s beauty has evolved further, particularly her nose, which has suddenly become straight and defined. The change is so drastic that it is almost unrecognisable as her own.

    Yesterday, Chong posted a stunning photo from last December’s awards ceremony, where she noticeably appeared even more beautiful than during the competition. Many netizens were quick to comment, expressing surprise at her transformation and speculating that she may have undergone cosmetic procedures. Comments such as “You’ve had work done, and you look so much better” and “I can’t believe it’s you” flooded the post.

    It’s worth noting that during the Christmas period last year, Chong had already attracted attention with a photo showcasing her voluptuous figure and slender legs. However, the focus has now shifted to her nose, and netizens have been actively discussing the possibility of cosmetic enhancements. The extent of Chong’s transformation and the truth behind the rumours remain a subject of intrigue and speculation among Hong Kong’s pageant enthusiasts.