Controversy over alleged plagiarism in HK singer Gigi Leung’s latest music video

    Insert Picture: Gigi Leung

    28th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Leung Wing-kei, popularly known as Gigi Leung, recently released the music video for her latest song “Pause & Breathe.” The music video, directed by Kim-Wai Yuen (Taiwanese singer Karena Lam’s husband) and featuring Leung as the lead singer, was met with controversy just a few days after its release.

    A local singer Chloe Wong and her team from the “Chloeography Project” issued a statement on 27th March accusing Leung of plagiarising their work. Wong’s team pointed out several similarities between the music video and their 2018 dance production “Maybe Tomorrow.” They shared 13 comparison images and videos on social media, highlighting the similarities in scenes, props, and actors used in both productions.

    In response to the allegations, the organiser of Leung’s music video immediately took down the video and issued a statement saying that they are looking into the matter. The statement expressed gratitude to all concerned parties and promised to provide further clarification on the issue.

    The accusations of plagiarism have sparked widespread debate on social media. Some fans have expressed disappointment and anger, while others have come to Leung’s defence, arguing that the similarities between the two productions may be coincidental.

    The Chloeography Project’s accusation of plagiarism against Leung also sheds light on the challenges faced by local artists and creatives in protecting their intellectual property rights. Wong’s team’s statement emphasises the need for greater awareness and respect for original creative work in the local entertainment industry.

    Chloe Wong compared the similar clips between the 2 music videos.

    Chloe Wong compared the similar clips between the 2 music videos.