Controversial ‘Glory to HK’ song continues to appear as ‘HK National Anthem’ under Google and Youtube searches, govt urged to place Google Ads to rectify search results


5th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) During the award ceremony of the 2022 Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship held in Dubai, the “Glory to Hong Kong” song was broadcast by mistake again. Afterwards, the organiser apologised in writing, explaining that the technical team did not understand the Chinese national anthem and did not delete the wrong version.

The latest  Google Search algorithm shows the “God Save the King” under Wikipedia appearing as the first search result followed by “Glory to Hong Kong”. Some IT experts believe that if the society continues to discuss the incident, misinformation may continue to be at the forefront, or even appears at the top. He suggested that the government could consider placing Google advertisements to put correct information at the top. Many pointed out that the organisers of overseas competitions have continuously broadcast the wrong national anthem. It is believed to be related to the algorithm of Internet search engine and government is urged to take the issue seriously.

The search results on ‘Hong Kong National Anthem’ in Youtube still show Glory to Hong Kong instead of “March of the Volunteers”.

Google search results
Youtube search results