Controversial cross necklace sparks apology and termination at Chinese-muslim restaurant in Malaysia


20th November 2023 – (Kuala Lumpur) A Chinese-Muslim restaurant in Malaysia found itself at the centre of a heated controversy surrounding a staff member’s decision to wear a simple cross necklace. The incident, which has sparked widespread debate, led to the employee’s termination and prompted the restaurant manager to issue a public apology. The episode has raised questions about societal reactions to religious symbols and the importance of cultural sensitivity.

The incident unfolded at a well-known beef patty eatery in Bukit Bintang when a customer captured a video of an employee wearing a cross necklace while donning a traditional Songkok headgear. The video quickly gained traction online, triggering a wave of criticism and outrage from netizens who claimed that the religious symbol was offensive and inappropriate in a Muslim establishment.

Sophia, the restaurant manager, admitted that the restaurant had overlooked the employee’s choice of accessory. In response to the incident, the employee was promptly dismissed, and Sophia expressed her sincerest apologies to anyone who may have been offended by the video. She emphasized the restaurant’s commitment to exercising greater caution and sensitivity in the future.

The incident has ignited a broader discussion about the significance and interpretation of religious symbols in a multicultural society. While the cross holds deep religious meaning for Christians, its display in a non-Christian context can be perceived differently by various individuals.