Controversial actress Jacqueline Wong enjoys exotic Maldives honeymoon with husband


    12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) In October of last year, Jacqueline Wong, a controversial actress known for her involvement in a scandal with married singer Andy Hui, eloped with Lai Man-wang, the drummer of the band RubberBand. Recently, Wong has been sharing intimate photos and snippets of her romantic honeymoon in the Maldives, sparking mixed reactions among the public. The couple’s extravagant trip began with a warm welcome at their luxurious hotel, where they had meticulously planned every detail in advance. Throughout their adventure, they indulged in the beauty of the sea, land, and air, taking in breathtaking views from the plane and exploring the mesmerising underwater world through scuba diving. The pinnacle of their romantic escapade was a candlelit dinner on the beach, leaving onlookers enchanted.

    Wong expressed her happiness, saying, “Last September, I finally mustered the courage to learn how to swim and then followed it up with scuba diving… It allowed me to fully enjoy this journey. Everything I witnessed beneath the sea was truly spectacular! There was an indescribable sense of awe, especially when I encountered a sea turtle. I’m grateful to my swimming instructor, and my diving instructor, for their guidance. And thank you to my better half for always inspiring me to try new things and strive for improvement. In the new year, I will continue to conquer my fears and keep learning. I also wish everyone a year filled with breakthroughs.”