Consumer Council receives over 300 complaints related to electronic consumption vouchers


18th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) The electronic consumption voucher scheme launched by the government has been issued to eligible citizens in two phases since the beginning of August. As of the beginning of this month, the Consumer Council has received more than 300 complaints related to electronic consumption vouchers, of which 40% are complaints related to the services of electronic payment platforms, followed by duplicate transactions during dining at catering establishments and the purchase of electrical products.

One complainant went to restaurant A for lunch with his family on the day when the vouchers were issued, that is, on 1st August and he settled with the consumption vouchers. The complainant stated that he saw that the electronic payment platform had deducted HK$691 at the time, but the staff member alleged that the receipt was not printed and hence, the restaurant did not receive the relevant payment. The staff member also explained that the network might be busy on the first day. The complainant subsequently pressed “Request to pay” with the electronic payment tool again. However, the complainant subsequently checked the electronic payment account records and found that restaurant A had collected two consumer voucher transactions on the same day. After repeated inquiries about the electronic payment platform and restaurant A, the electronic payment platform stated that it had not received a clear reply from restaurant A, while restaurant A argued that the electronic payment platform had not contacted them.

After mediation by the Consumer Council, the complainant finally received a refund of the duplicate deduction of HK$691 on 23rd August.

In another case, Company B advertised that it accepts combined purchases with consumption vouchers. The complainant followed the instructions on the merchant’s website to purchase a smart TV by using HK$700 worth of consumption vouchers to obtain 140,000 member points of Company B and HK$1,943 using consumption vouchers.

However, it was not until the day of delivery that the complainant called to check the delivery time and was notified that the TV was out of stock. The complainant subsequently requested for a refund, but then discovered that Company B had only returned HK$1,943 to the electronic payment platform, and the membership points he purchased with HK$700 consumption voucher could only be returned as membership points and not cash. However, HK$700 has since been returned to his electronic payment platform.