Consumer Council of Hong Kong found contaminants and carcinogens from 58 sample cookies in the market


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. As most people like to stock up cookies at home during the festive season, the Consumer Council of Hong Kong decided to conduct a test on 58 types of cookies and egg rolls in the market. Results confirmed that 35 sample products contain 3-MCPD contaminants that can cause kidney failures and male reproductive system problems. A few of these samples also contain carcinogens.

The highest content of chloropropanediol (3-MCPD) in the test was Tai Cheong Bakery with 780 micrograms detected per kilogram of cookies followed by “LU Palmito L’Original Sweet Dry Biscuit” which contains 669 micrograms per kilogram. According to European Food Safety Authority, each 1kg body weight can consume a maximum of 2 micrograms of 3-MCPD. If you weigh 60kg, you should not consume more than 120 micrograms of 2-MCPD.

Cookies from Tai Cheong Bakery

There are 40 cookies in the test which also contain carcinogen glycidol. The highest content is Yuen Long Wing Wah cookies. 1900 micrograms were detected in each kilogram of cookies. In pre-packaged samples, MUJI’s Oats Crunch Sable Hazehut contains 1100 micrograms of carcinogen glycidol in each kilogram of cookies. Sainsbury’s sample contains 340 micrograms of acrylamides per kg of their cookies. It is highly recommended to avoid taking large quantities of these cookies as they could cause cancer.

Yuen Long Wing Wah Cookies

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