Consumer Council of Hong Kong conducts test on 20 wireless vacuum cleaners, Dyson V11 Absolute has the most powerful suction but worst battery life per charge


15th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Consumer Council of Hong Kong conducted tests on 20 wireless vacuum cleaners in the market to test their performance. Both Dyson V11 Absolute and V8 Animal emerged the most effective wireless vacuum cleaners but both have short battery lives. They can only last for less 10 minutes per charge if maximum power is used. However, the Consumer Council feels that the 10-minute battery life per charge is not practical.

A total sample of wireless vacuum cleaners retailing between HK$1,398 and HK$6,998 was tested. Tests conducted include endurance, suction maintenance, power-saving and quietness, etc. Results indicate that Dyson V11 Absolute which sells at HK$5,980 has the best suction power. Meanwhile, Tefal, Midea, Electrolux ZB3301 and Candy are the worst performers. All of them have a battery life lasting between 7-38 minutes per charge. Dyson V11 Absolute can only last for 7 minutes while Dyson V8 Animal can last for 8.4 minutes when maximum power is used.

Suction power for Tefal TY9292 Air Force 360 and Candy fell over 7% after using for more than 7 minutes. Only 4 products can ‘stand independently’ on the floor i.e. Electrolux Pure F9 PF91-6BWF, Borsch (Two products) and Tefal TY6756 Dual Force.